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Do You Have The Right Sales Manager?

As the Inside Sales Dude, I am often hired to fix a sales problem. The problem is “Our Sales Team isn’t selling enough!”

To fix this problem, I need to assess the people, processes and systems that make up Inside Sales.

I always start with the people. With the right people on the sales team, we can overcome most problems. With the wrong people, problems will multiply while your sales decline.

Today’s post will focus on determining if you have the Right Sales Manager.  Continue reading


Interview Questions for Sales Reps


“Will you sit on my lap” is NOT a good interview question

Here is a list of Interview questions that I use during the Focused Phone Screen and the Onsite Interview.

I will review this list before the interview and select a few questions to ask.

I also keep this list in front of me during the interview in case I forget to cover specific areas that require more investigation.  Continue reading