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Pipeline Deep Dives

I wasn’t that slow. (Photo by Luca Ambrosi on Unsplash)

When I was about 8 years old, we used to play “Blind Man’s Bluff” in my house. This is “It” tag, with the person who is “It” wearing a blindfold.

This was an extremely fun game to play indoors. Especially for me, who was nicknamed Steven “Turtle” Ainslie by my older sister because I ran too slow to catch her in regular Chase Tag. Continue reading


Hitting Reset at the End of the Year for Better Results Next Year

Notice the resemblance to Brad Pitt In the picture on the left? Neither did anyone else.

I cut my hair off the other day after growing it out for last year and a half.

My long, wild hair brought back memories of my highschool years, hanging out and cruising around with friends in my mom’s Chevette*. In my imagination, I looked like Brad Pitt in Troy**. Continue reading


Meaningful Sales Metrics

Photo by Roman Mager via Unsplash

Meaningful sales metrics will deliver an accurate assessment of how Sales is performing at any point in time and will identify what needs to be done to stay on track (or reverse course). They also provide a high-level perspective for the executive team, a mid-level perspective for the sales managers and a tactical perspective for the reps.

Poorly developed metrics deliver an inaccurate reflection of sales that results in misinformation, misdirection, and ill advised sales tactics.

This post will cover the lessons I’ve learned using both.

Continue reading


Perfect Forecasting for Sales Reps

Lilly is forecasting her landing spot. Where will you land this quarter?

Forecasting & pipeline management are so critical to effective Inside Sales that one of the first things I teach my Inside Sales team is Perfect Forecasting*.

The key to teaching sales reps Perfect Forecasting is having a straightforward, well-defined process that is followed by everyone on the team.

Before making changes to the way my team forecasts, I meet 1:1 with every rep for a pipeline deep dive. Unless there is a solid standard forecasting methodology used across the team, we’ll make changes. (In nearly 20 years, I have yet to inherit a sales team that had a consistent forecasting and pipeline management processes.) Continue reading