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Is It Time to Move to a New CRM?

Barely big enough for a family of 2

My wife and I have moved 11 times. This included relocating from Pittsburgh to Florida & back twice, from Florida to Raleigh & back once, and 5 more times to different cities.

The first time we moved from Pittsburgh to Florida, we needed an entire 18 wheel tractor trailer to transport our belongings – and it was just 2 of us!

For our most recent move from Raleigh back to Florida, we needed less than 1/3 of a tractor trailer to haul our stuff.

Between our first move and our last move (I really hope it’s our last move!), we learned a few practical lessons: Continue reading


My Story – A Meandering Path to a Career in Sales

I was not born a “natural salesman”.  Instead, I followed a meandering path that eventually led me to a career in Sales.

This is my story.

A Blissful Childhood, me at age 3 or 4


I spent my early childhood years in Tamaqua, a declining coal mining town in eastern Pennsylvania. Multiple generations of my close knit relatives lived within a few blocks of each other. I had Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, Great Aunts and Uncles and cousins all looking out for me all the time.

In this small town (population 9000), everyone knew everyone else. My Grandmother was a former switchboard operator, my Aunt taught elementary school for 30 years, my grandfather had either worked beside or drank at the bar with all the men.

We were mostly lower class, blue collar families plus a few farmers who lived on the outskirts of town.

I loved living there. I had lots of friends, family, security and stability. It was a great place to be a kid. My career objective at the time was to become a truck driver so I could drive big rigs and blow loud air horns. Continue reading


Screen Sharing and Communications Software for Remote Sales Reps

Last week I arrived at my airport gate only to see FLIGHT CANCELLED on the screen beside the gate.  I approached the agent and was told,

“Don’t worry. There’s no problem. Instead of flying you to Orlando for your connection to Fort Lauderdale, you’ve been automatically rebooked to fly into Chicago and from there catch a connection to Florida. You’ll arrive in Florida by midnight.” Continue reading