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How Sales Managers Should Wrap Up the Week

Every manager needs to schedule time to reflect on the current week and to plan for the upcoming week. 

Some people like to do this on the weekends or on Sunday nights. I’ve done that in the past until I figured out that working all the time wasn’t sustainable.

Now I schedule this time during the workweek. For me, Friday afternoon is the ideal time to review the current week and to plan for the upcoming week. I have a permanent 2 hour window blocked out on my calendar for this.

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Software I Use to Work Remotely

Last week I arrived at my airport gate only to see FLIGHT CANCELLED on the screen beside the gate.  I approached the agent and was told,

“Don’t worry. There’s no problem. Instead of flying you to Orlando for your connection to Fort Lauderdale, you’ve been automatically rebooked to fly into Baltimore and from there catch a connection to Florida. You’ll arrive in Florida by midnight.” Continue reading


Eliminate Most Meetings

A great team meeting

When used wisely, meetings can be extremely effective for communication, collaboration and team building for any sales organization. When used unwisely, they can be a frustrating waste of time and resources.

In this post, I’ll cover how to identify which meetings to eliminate, which ones to attend, and how to make the most of them when leading Inside Sales. Continue reading


Presentations that Won’t Put Everyone to Sleep

Buster and Lilly after too much PowerPoint

Death by PowerPoint was one of the funniest phrases I’d ever heard – until I started experiencing it after taking a sales management job in a large corporation.

Up until then, I had worked for startups and small businesses where we didn’t spend time in meetings listening as presenters droned on reading their terrible slides. We were too busy trying to sell, service our customers and make payroll! Continue reading