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Use the Ben Franklin Close to Sell Anything

When I was in grade school, we had fundraisers which required each kid to sell a minimum allotment of stuff in order to fund field trips, school programs, and clubs. 

Usually we had to sell candy bars.

I was terrible at this. I’d trudge from house-to-house after school, knocking on doors and asking people to buy.

  • A lot of people weren’t home
  • Many said they had no cash
  • Most didn’t want what I was selling

At the end of 2 -3 hours, I was exhausted. I was lucky if I had sold more candy bars than I’d eaten.  I’d return home and beg my mom to buy everything I had left.

In high school, fundraising was optional. I could sell candy to pay for a trip, pay cash, or not go. Since I was poor, I missed a lot of field trips but at least I never had to sell candy again. Continue reading


Put Your Best Rep on Your Best Territory

City Little League Champs – 1992. Coached by a former left fielder.

A long time ago in a land far away, I was suckered into being the Little League Coach for my son’s team. Although I was new to coaching and was an awful baseball player myself, I did one thing right – I assigned our best players to the best positions.

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The 3-5-8 Rule for Successful Selling

I’m a big fan of keeping things simple by following a proven routine for getting things done that happen regularly.  

I eat the same thing for breakfast and for lunch nearly every day. I follow a consistent exercise routine. I have a handful of favorite T-shirts and shorts that I wear all the time.

I like to think that doing this frees my mind to focus my creative energy where it’s most important. My wife says I do this because I am anal retentive (but she loves me anyway).   Continue reading


Sell What’s On the Truck

We neglected to notice the building had burned to the ground. (Photo via Unsplash by Dawn Armfield)

A long time ago in a land far away, I was a Sales Rep for a company that was transitioning from offering traditional break/fix computer services to offering 24×7 monitoring and support (aka managed services) for a flat monthly fee.  

Although our managed services practice was in a pre-launch phase, I made it my personal mission to build this business.

Within 6 months, I had sold 25% of our existing customers and 100% of our new customers a managed service plan.

One November morning I received a call from our biggest managed services customer. Continue reading


Hitting Reset at the End of the Year for Better Results Next Year

Notice the resemblance to Brad Pitt In the picture on the left? Neither did anyone else.

I cut my hair off the other day after growing it out for last year and a half.

My long, wild hair brought back memories of my highschool years, hanging out and cruising around with friends in my mom’s Chevette*. In my imagination, I looked like Brad Pitt in Troy**. Continue reading