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Put Your Best Rep on Your Best Territory

City Little League Champs – 1992. Coached by a former left fielder.

A long time ago in a land far away, I was suckered into being the Little League Coach for my son’s team. Although I was new to coaching and was an awful baseball player myself, I did one thing right – I assigned our best players to the best positions.

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What Are They Gonna Do – Fire Me?

What my high school gym class was like.

Back in high school, my gym teacher would have us run outside every Wednesday – no matter what the weather was like. 

One morning in late December, we were out running and it was snowing like crazy. We must have had 4 inches fall in less than an hour.

For some reason,  my gym teacher decided it would be fun to finish our run by jogging into the inner courtyard of our high school singing Christmas Carols for all the students still sitting in classrooms.

We belted out Jingle Bells & We Wish you a Merry Christmas – off tune no doubt, but with great enthusiasm and volume. By the time we finished, every classroom had been disrupted. The students inside were all standing at the windows, laughing with (or at) us and cheering us on.

It was silly. But fun. It was hands-down the most memorable gym classes I’ve ever had.

As we jogged back to the locker room, I asked my teacher, “Aren’t you worried you’re going to get in trouble for doing this and interrupting all those classes?”? 

He laughed and with a big smile replied, “What are they gonna do – fire me?”

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Hitting Reset at the End of the Year for Better Results Next Year

Notice the resemblance to Brad Pitt In the picture on the left? Neither did anyone else.

I cut my hair off the other day after growing it out for last year and a half.

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The Big List – How To Tackle Big Projects

My Mission: Build an Enterprise SAAS sales team and deliver $25M within the next 12 months. (No pressure.)

I began by selecting one of my current SMB Inside Sales Managers to the lead the team, Joe Volosky. Like everyone else on my team except me,  Joe had no experience selling to Enterprise IT. But he was up for the challenge, understood how to sell our product, and had successfully run our SMB sales team for 2 years. We were essentially building an Enterprise team from scratch. He was the right guy for the job.

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