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Use Inbox Zero to Take Control of Your Email, Your Day and Your Mind

As far as I’m concerned, there’s only one way for sales professionals to effectively manage email and that’s Inbox Zero.

Today I will explain the Inside Sales Dude Inbox Zero method.

It is simple, effective, & repeatable. I’ve been using it for more than 10 years in multiple companies. 

This is not really about the number of messages in your inbox. It’s about controlling your time, your thoughts, and your focus.  Continue reading


Block Time for Sales Reps to Manage Daily Activity

How can a Sales Rep make 75 outbound calls a day, send another 75 personalized email follow ups, perform a few sales demos, attend a mandatory all-hands meeting, follow up on emails, close business and still get out of the office at a decent hour?

I’ve talked about using the 3 Big Rocks method for prioritizing activity and minimizing the time you spend on Small Rocks.

But what should a Sales Rep do when he’s followed the Big Rock method and still is left with days like the ones I had a Sales Rep described above?

This is where I recommend Block TIme.  Continue reading


The 150% Rule to Create Work-Life Balance

One of my personal rules is to give 150% effort whenever I can.

This first came into play for me when I had started a new position as the Manager of Information Systems for an Advertising Company.

I had talked my way into this job of supporting Macs, Windows PCs, and the website for this agency. The job offered me a significant step up in salary and much better hours vs. my previous retail computer sales job.

Here was the only problem – I was a Mac expert, but I had never used Windows PCs before. Nor did I have any Web design experience. Continue reading