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Use the Ben Franklin Close to Sell Anything

When I was in grade school, we had fundraisers which required each kid to sell a minimum allotment of stuff in order to fund field trips, school programs, and clubs. 

Usually we had to sell candy bars.

I was terrible at this. I’d trudge from house-to-house after school, knocking on doors and asking people to buy.

  • A lot of people weren’t home
  • Many said they had no cash
  • Most didn’t want what I was selling

At the end of 2 -3 hours, I was exhausted. I was lucky if I had sold more candy bars than I’d eaten.  I’d return home and beg my mom to buy everything I had left.

In high school, fundraising was optional. I could sell candy to pay for a trip, pay cash, or not go. Since I was poor, I missed a lot of field trips but at least I never had to sell candy again. Continue reading