Consulting Projects

Doing work in the Inside Sales Dude office

Here are some examples of Inside Sales Dude consulting projects:

Built, launched and managed a 2 person Inside Sales Team to sell a new SaaS product to the midmarket for an established computer hardware company.

Created an Enterprise SaaS Sales strategy, team and processes for a successful SMB SaaS company.

Assessed existing inside sales people, processes and systems for a private biotech firm. Revised the sales practices, migrated to a new CRM and assisted with ongoing team management.

Advised a startup on setting up its Inside Sales operation. This included establishing metrics, building forecasts, identifying target markets, structuring the sales team, recruiting reps, and setting up sales operations.

If your company is doing any of the following, I might be able to help you. If you’re not sure, contact me anyway. We can have a quick call to determine if I can help or refer you to someone who can.

  • Releasing a new product
  • Recently received Angel, Equity or Private funding to grow sales
  • Expanding your sales team
  • Moving upstream from SaaS SMB to Enterprise 
  • Adding a SaaS offering 
  • Building an Inside Sales Team 
  • Seeking increased revenues 
  • Struggling to run Inside Sales
  • Not satisfied with your team’s sales performance 
  • Evaluating your current sales organization 
  • Acquiring a new sales team
  • Has been acquired and needs to increase sales

Contact me here to schedule a call. I’d love to hear from you.